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EWS RU300C18

Catalog #: RU300C18

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Technical Specs

Flow Rate 1
Water Pressure (Max) 60
Weight 27


Three Stage Reverse Osmosis System for Common Municipal Water Applications

The RU300C18 is a three-stage undercounter reverse osmosis system designed to filter the water at your sink of choice. The 5-micron pre-sediment filter serves to remove suspended matter, dirt, rust and sediment and improves performance of other filters. The GAC postfilter removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds, improving taste, clarity and odor. The CTA membrane removes inorganics, minerals, total dissolved solids, lead and cysts (giardia and cryptosporidium)*. This unit produces up to 18 gallons per day and includes a 3.2 gallon storage tank.

  • Improves Taste, Clarity and Odors
  • Removes Chlorine and VOCs
  • Reduces Total Dissolved Solids, Minerals and Inorganics
  • Reduces Lead and Cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia)
  • Reduces Dirt, Silt, Sediment and Rust
  • Replaces Costly Bottled Water
  • Replaces the Limited Applications of Faucet Attachments and Water Filter Pitchers 
  • Quality Filtered Water for Drinking and Cooking
  • Installs easily at any sink, wet bar or any point of use location
  • Can be cross-connected (if applicable) to refrigerators, ice makers and other appliances
  • Units come with chrome, lead-free faucet (other faucet finish options available)
  • Powder coated and corrosion resistant
  • Meets or complies with NSF Standard 42 and 58


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