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Five Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Needed Booster Pump and UV Disinfection for Difficult Well Water Applications

Five stage series for unusually heavy sediment or particulate, potable (nonchlorinated) well water. Three stages to protect and filter prior to TFC membrane with post filter for polish, as well as UV filtration for added bacterial and viral protection. Includes the booster pump option for this system to work properly under adverse conditions.

Properly specified for extremely difficult well water of known quality with very heavy sediment, particulate water and/or high total dissolved solids, the RU500T35 w/BP w/UV is a five-stage undercounter reverse osmosis system designed to filter the water at your sink of choice.  The integrated booster pump is necessary to deliver the minimum of 40 psi over the membrane in order for the unit to be effective. Three stages to protect and filter prior to the TFC membrane serves to remove suspended matter, dirt, rust and sediment and improves performance of other filters. The GAC postfilter removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds, improving taste, clarity and odor. The TFC membrane removes inorganics, minerals, total dissolved solids, lead and cysts (giardia and cryptosporidium). The additional UV module protects against bacterial, viral, E-coli, and other microorganisms and is tested 99% effective*.  This unit produces up to 35 gallons per day and includes a 3.2 gallon storage tank.

  • Safeguards and kills bacterial, viral, E-coli, and other microorganisms
  • Improves Taste, Clarity and Odors
  • Removes Chlorine and VOCs
  • Reduces Total Dissolved Solids, Minerals and Inorganics
  • Reduces Lead and Cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia)
  • Reduces Dirt, Silt, Sediment and Rust
  • Replaces the Limited Applications of Faucet Attachments and Water Filter Pitchers 
  • Quality Filtered Water for Drinking and Cooking
  • Meets or complies with NSF Standard 42, 58 and 55


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