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Steamist SMS-30

Catalog #: SMS-30

Price: $915.60

Sale price: $1,308.00

You save: $392.40 ($36.00%)



For small sauna rooms-to accomodate one to two people-The Steamist Compact heater provides a full safe source of heat. The heater's symmetrical design makes it easy to install for either left or right hand usage, giving full use of space in a small sauna. The heater unit has a safety guard in front and a water cask in the bottom and is designed for wall mounting.
  • KW Rating: 3
  • Min/Max Cu. Ft. Range: 84/130
  • Volts/Phase Max. Amps: 240/1/13
  • Wire Size 90 degree C AWG: 12
  • Line Fuse: 20
  • Control: Built-In
  • Contactor: None
  • Dimmensions: 11-13/16" x 8" x 21-7/16"


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