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Catalog #: TAI-HFT-AS

Price: $342.72

Sale price: $428.40

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Double Handle High Flow Pressure Balanced Tub and Shower from the Taichi Collection

Fusion Hardware's themed groups provide a coordination and design synergy to contribute to a range of interior concepts, yet multiple selections exist within each product category to allow you to truly personalize your space. Fusion's themed groups are varied across a broad range of popular interior design concepts, providing design options to a broad range of tastes and styles.

Fusion Hardware's products are not only designed to match, they offer strength and durability, resulting in your peace of mind. Your assurance of quality and reliability is backed the Fusion's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Both Pressure Balanced And Thermostatic Valves Options Are Available.
  • Temperature Limiting Devices On All Shower Units To Prevent Scalding
  • Integral Stops For Added Shut-Off Points To Simplify Installation
  • Forged Solid Brass Valve Bodies Offer Superior Strength Over Castings For Reliable Performance
  • A Full Range Of Installation And Use Accessories
  • High Flow Rate Of 13.8 GM From The Valve At 60 PSI
  • Anti-Scald Protection
  • 1 Lever Control Of Temperature And Flow
  • Integral Stops For Ease Of Valve Accessibility
  • Ultra Quiet Cartridge Provides Precise Control Of Flow


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