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Jacuzzi FUZ7260 ACR 5CX

Catalog #: FUZ7260 ACR 5CX

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Technical Specs

Capacity (Gallons) 129
Drain Hole Location Center
Frequency 60
Overflow Height 16.75
Pump Placement Right
Tub Shape Rectangular


Jacuzzi 72 inch x 60 inch Drop In / Undermount Pure Air Bath Tub with Center Drain, Right Hand Pump, LCD Control and Chromatherapy Lighting from the Fuzion Series


A Breath of Fresh Air
Experience a lighter, softer, different massage for a completely different state of relaxation. Step in, sit back and feel the pure pleasure of being caressed by thousands of warm air bubbles exploding on every inch of your body with Pure Air®. Where whirlpool bathing is rigorous and rejuvenating, Pure Air® is a sublimely gentle and serene Zen-inspired experience, perfected by Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi® air baths offer 360° Balanced Air flow™ - a unique network of channels that push heated air evenly into the bath, enveloping the entire body in a blanket of warm effervescent bubbles. No part of you is left feeling even the lightest chill. Jacuzzi® Pure Air® baths heat uniformly and thoroughly, every time.

An intricate network of air channels create Jacuzzi's patented 360° Balanced Air flow™, producing a restorative blanket of heated air bubbles that caress the entire body and soothe the spirit. Jacuzzi® adds an extra level of pure pleasure - extra air channels that run up the back of the bath in a delicate curve that mirrors the lumbar region of your spine, massaging your entire back. We call it true TLC...Thermal Lumbar Comfort™, only from Jacuzzi®.

Equally important, Jacuzzi's electronic controls put you in complete control of your experience. Adjust the air from a rush of bursting bubbles to little more than a gentle fizz. Even better, punctuate the experience with aroma and skin therapies, scented oils and bath salts. With Pure Air®, you can use them all with no worries.

Our Fuzion™ baths are so beautiful they serve as a unique furnishing for your home. Bathing has never been like this before. Start with Jacuzzi® technology, add fine decking in either rich teak or exotic wenge wood. Incorporate state-of-the-art overflow technology for a visually pleasing full-fill look. Choose colors to enhance the mood. The Fuzion™ is the first Jacuzzi® bath to incorporate precious hardwood as an elegant accent.


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