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Toto SW523

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The epitome of personal hygiene and sophisticated technology, each Washlet is contoured for ultimate ease and comfort. It is an elegant accessory that puts enhanced bathroom functionality at your fingertips. The convenient, easy-to-read control panel to the right allows
you to control both water and seat temperature as well as cleansing options.

The Washlet C110 will allow you to enjoy an unparalleled bathroom experience.


  • New streamlined control panel with button control for all functions
  • Heated seat with temperature control between 79 degree & 97 degreeF
  • SoftClose(R) seat to prevent slamming
  • Front and rear warm-water washing with pressure control
  • Automatic self-cleaning wand
  • Water temperature can be set between 86 degree and 104 degreeF
  • Quick-release feature that allows the seat to be removed for easy cleaning
  • Includes Washlet toilet seat with cover mounting and connection hardware (elongated and round versions available)


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