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Kohler K-4711

Catalog #: K-4711

Price: $713.20

Sale price: $1,059.41

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   Specification Sheet

Technical Specs

Seat Cover Yes
Seat Front Closed
Width (Inside) 7.81


    C3™-100 elongated toilet seat with bidet functionality and tank heater
    C3 toilet seats with bidet functionality use the naturally soothing quality of water as a refreshing, hygienic alternative to toilet tissue, offer cleanliness, comfort and convenience for all users.
  • Features two separate water nozzles for the anterior and posterior that spray the user with warm aerated water
  • Constructed of anti-microbial plastic
  • A user sensor ensures someone is sitting on the seat before the functions are activated
  • Heated seat with three different temperature settings
  • Quiet-Close™ Quick-Release™ toilet seat
  • Side arm control provides user-friendly function controls
  • Lighted bowl eliminates the need to turn on a light at night
  • Energy save mode reduces energy consumption when the seat is not in use
  • NOTE: Requires 120V, 15A, 60 Hz electrical receptacle protected by Class A GFCI


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